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Bibliografía Códices (Torah- NT)

  1. Bohairica: The Bohairic New Testament in Standardized Form, Oxford Bodleian Library, Ms Huntington 17, 1174 AD. En Bohairica 1.2, 2006, © 2007, J. Warren Wells, corrected 2007. Supplemental fonts and the formatting herein, added by Mr. Gary S. Dykes – – – [].
  2. Codex Alexandrinus, British Museum, The Codex Alexandrinus (Royal MS. 1 D V-VIII), In Reduced Photographic facsimile, New Testament and Clementine Epistles, London, 1919.
  3. Codex Alexandrinus, NOVUM TESTAMENTUM GRAECE, Ex Antiquissimo códice alexandrino a C. G. Woide, olim descriptum: ad fidem ipsius codicis denuo accuratus edidit B. H. Cowper, Londini, 1860.
  4. Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis, Qvattuor Evangelia et Actus Apostolorum Complectens Graece et Latine, Tomus posterior, Cantabrigiae, 1899.
  5. Codex Sinaiticvs Petropolitanvs, the New Testament, the Epistle of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas, Preserved in the Imperial Library of St. Petersburg now reproduced in facsimile from photographs by Helen and Kirsopp Lake with a description and introduction to the history of the Codex by Kirsopp Lake, Oxford, 1911.
  6. Codex Vaticanus, Bibliorum Sacrorum, Graecus Codex Vaticanus, Auspice Pio IX Pontifice Maximo, Collatus studiis Caroli Vercellone Sodalis Barnabitae et Iosephi Cozza Monachi Basiliani aditus, Romae, 1868.
  7. Sahidica – A New Edition of the New Testament in Sahidic Coptic, 2000-2007 by J. Warren Wells.
  8. The Coptic version of the New Testament in the Northern dialect otherwise called Memphitic and Bohairic: with introduction, critical apparatus, and literal English translation, George William Horner, 4 volumes, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1898.
  9. The Coptic version of the New Testament in the Southern dialect: otherwise called Sahidic and Thebaic; with critical apparatus, literal English translation, register of fragments and estimate of the version (1911), George William Horner, Oxford, The Clarendon Press, 7 volumes, 1849-1930.
  10. The Westminster Leningrad Codex, Version 4.10, Attributed to Shemu’el ben Ya’akov, Aharon ben-Mosheh ben-Asher, Active maintenance of machine-readable version: Stephen K. Salisbury, Editor, J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Research []
  11. Torah, Prophets, Writings, Massoretic Text, According to Jacob ben Chayim and C.D. Ginsburg, with 4438 textual notes, based on the massorah, ancient editions and targumim, New corrected text, notes and typesetting c 2002–2005
  12. Washington Codex, Facsimile of the Washington manuscript of the four gospels in the freer collection with an introduction by Henry A. Sanders, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1912.

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